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    5 Books
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    August 2000
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    November 2019
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  • Meet Viva Cohen: her bedroom walls are plastered with posters of silver-screen legends, and underneath her school uniform she wears vintage thigh-high stockings. Her best friends are a drugged-out beauty queen and an aging rock star. She lives in Lon...

  • From the author dubbed "a literary Lolita" by Vanity Fair comes the perfect portrait of a young actress caught in a downward spiral of self-destruction. Edgy and funny at the same time, Thin Skin provides a realistic glimpse into the dark and invitin...

  • In Sadie's head, she's a novelist. In real life, she spends her day searching for the ultimate way to say red at Grrl, an ultra hip make-up company. In her sex life, she's a modern-day Lolita who's never dated a man under forty. Then Sadie falls in l...

  • Traditionally, women share their secrets with their hairdressers. But what about their manicurists, masseurs, chi gong teachers, and tattoo artists? In Damage Control, women wax poetic about the experts and gurus who help them love themselves, sharin...

  • July, 1981. London. Shy, working-class Steven finds solace in beauty. Eighteen years old, he dreams of being a fashion designer. He's also gay, maybe - he hasn't decided yet. There's a lot Steven isn't sure about, like whether he hates himself or th...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Emma Forrest has published 5 books.

Emma Forrest does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Royals, was published in November 2019.

The first book by Emma Forrest, Namedropper, was published in August 2000.

No. Emma Forrest does not write books in series.