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    26 Books - 6 Series
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    March 2017
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    August 2023
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Full Series List in Order

Bro Code

1 - Flirting with the Frenemy (Mar-2019)
2 - America's Geekheart (Apr-2019)
3 - Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire (Mar-2020)
4 - The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob (Jan-2021)

Copper Valley Fireballs

1 - Jock Blocked (May-2020)
2 - Real Fake Love (Sep-2020)
3 - The Grumpy Player Next Door (Jul-2021)
4 - Irresistible Trouble (Oct-2022)

The Copper Valley Thrusters

1 - The Pilot and the Puck-Up (Mar-2018)
2 - Royally Pucked (Sep-2019)
3 - Beauty and the Beefcake (May-2018)
4 - Charming as Puck (Feb-2019)
5 - I Pucking Love You (Apr-2021)

The Girl Band

1 - Mister McHottie (Nov-2017)
2 - Stud in the Stacks (Jan-2018)
3 - Rockaway Bride (Jun-2018)
4 - The Hero and the Hacktivist (Nov-2018)

The Officers' Ex-Wives Club

1 - Her Rebel Heart (Mar-2017)
2 - Southern Fried Blues (Aug-2020)

Tickled Pink

1 - The One Who Loves You (Jul-2022)
2 - Rich in Your Love (Dec-2022)

Multi-Author Series List

Bluewater Billionaires

4 - Crazy for Loving You (Nov-2019)

Book List in Order: 26 titles

  • The best enemies make the best lovers... Chase I've just bought the woman of my nightmares. Technically, I bought the company she works for. Point is, she cost me my two best friends ten years ago. It's payback time, and I'm going to make her life ...

  • "Steamy, sexy, and laugh out loud funny." ~ 5 Stars, Smut Book Junkie Book ReviewsHe's a librarian by day and the ideal fake boyfriend by night.When it comes to women, I know what they want. And all day long, I give it to them. Dark, broody, and sexy...

  • He’s the biggest, baddest, most spider-fearing motherpucker on the ice… When you’re named after the king of the gods, the world expects certain things of you. Tough? Damn right. Smart? Don’t let the hockey uniform fool you. La...

  • There are two kinds of women in the world - those I can bang, and those I can't.

    My teammate's sister?

    She's a can't.

    I moved in with her to protect her from a nasty ex, not to be the next guy in line.

    She's the brains.


  • A Rock Star Kidnaps a Runaway Bride...

    Kidnapping the bride seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Her fiancé stole my fortune, so I stole his woman.

    Tit for tat. Or tat for tit. However you want to look at it.

    The one thing...

  • If I had to pick a bride of convenience, my first choice would NOT be Peach Maloney.

    My fiftieth choice would NOT be Peach.

    Top spot on my list of occupational hazards? Yes.

    Royal pain in the crumpets? Yes.

    A bride of conve...

  • For anyone who's ever been on the receiving end of an unsolicited dick pic... He has the muscles of Adonis, an ego bigger than the sun, and a very clear desire to get back in my pants. Which would be fantastic if he weren't a SEAL and I wasn't a...

  • Nick Murphy. Hockey god. My best friend's big brother. My friend-with-mindblowing-benefits. The best thing to happen to my nether regions since my subscription to the toy of the month club. The man I've been secretly in love with for years.


  • Mission: Survive my best friend's wedding, where I must play nice with my ex and his perfect new girlfriend.

    Strategy: Bring the hottest fake boyfriend on the planet.

    Target: Grady Rock. Master Baker. Dimples. Muscles. The unicorn of f...

  • Remember that time you accidentally sexted your in-laws?

    Yeah. I just did that. Except worse. Now my million social media followers are reading and sharing the rude, smartass message I meant to send privately to my little sister...and I'm of...

  • They call me the sugar whisperer.

    Anything your tongue desires, I can bake it. Scones? Child's play. Cupcakes? I'll frost them so good you won't know what hit you. Donuts? Please.

    You're talking to a master baker.

    But there's one...

  • A hockey-playing prince, a most improper lady, and one accidental pregnancy...

    When you're an heir so spare that getting attacked by a shark is more likely than you ever wearing the crown, you're only allowed certain liberties. Yet still, th...

  • Is there anything hotter than a growly, overprotective Marine cradling a baby? My melted ovaries don't think so. When you work hard and have the bank account to prove it, you're entitled to play hard. I've seen some crazy things. I've caused some...

  • Never borrow pants from your brother. Especially if he's a size smaller than you are, because all that pressure in the junk will short-circuit your brain.

    And you'll lie to a woman in a club about your real name.

    Leave her unsatisfied ...

  • She can’t let him score…Call it superstition, but when a guy bats as hot as Brooks Elliott, you don’t mess with what’s working. And what’s working is him keeping his pants zipped and doing all of his scoring on the fiel...

  • She's newly single and determined to never fall for a military man again.He's a sexy officer who doesn't believe in love.And they think they can handle a no-strings relationship.Bless their hearts.She's no damsel in distressAnna Martin's newly single...

  • If people have polar opposites, Luca Rossi is mine.His butt is in the baseball hall of fame. Mine's comfortably seated in the hall of lame.When he's not snagging fly balls out in center field, he's modeling in shampoo commercials. I once jammed my ow...

  • You don't know me, but you do know me. I'm your neighborhood hot mess single mom, doing my best to keep my head above water while running my little slice of heaven and keeping my youngest from shoving marbles up his nose, which is exactly what he's d...

  • You know those stories where an adorably misunderstood clumsy girl needs a fake date to a wedding so she asks her brother's best friend and they accidentally fall in love?I wish that was the kind of life I lead, but it's not.I don't need a date to a ...

  • I, Tillie Jean Rock, am not in love with my brother's teammate. Sure, he might have those biceps and that I am the grouchiest of grouchy bears smolder, and he might shovel snow off his driveway next door wearing nothing but boxer shorts and rubber bo...

  • He's a billionaire heir. A grump supreme. Hater of people. Bigger hater of peopling with people. And my new fake boyfriend.Emotionally unavailable doesn't even begin to describe Hayes Rutherford. He's cold. He's distant. He has more defenses than a n...

  • From USA Today bestselling author Pippa Grant comes a fabulously sharp-witted romantic comedy about a socialite’s fall from elitist grace to backcountry purgatory—and her accidental tumble into love.If the Upper East Side had an evil twin...

  • I, Cooper Rock, baseball god, worshipper of women, hometown hero, beloved son and brother, and owner of a well-deserved ego, have always reached for the stars. Usually in baseball.In love? Nah. When you've played the field as much as I have and haven...

  • A sweet, lighthearted romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Pippa Grant about one social media influencer’s dream of going off the grid and the IRL love she finds along the way.Secrets always catch up with you. The world knows me as...

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Pippa Grant has published 26 books.

The next book by Pippa Grant, Not My Kind of Hero, will be published in August 2023.

The first book by Pippa Grant, Her Rebel Heart, was published in March 2017.

Yes. Pippa Grant has 6 series.