Rogue Stallion ~~ Diana Palmer

Rogue Stallion by Diana Palmer
"I don't want kindness -- or your kind of woman."

Sterling McCallum gave the plain, hard warning to Jessica Larson. The brooding rogue cop had a stone in place of a heart - and a past as mysterious as the case that had brought them together. But this time Jessica couldn't back off. Something compelled her to stand her ground - and brave the emotions this man had long aroused. Suddenly, their darkest secrets, their deepest desires, shimmered to the surface...about to explode...

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Rogue Stallion is a romance novel by Diana Palmer and is the first book in the Montana Mavericks series. Social worker Jessica Larson and Deputy Sheriff Sterling McCallum both have dark secrets in their past. Jessica seems determined to draw Sterling out, yet when he wants to get closer, she backs off. And then someone comes to Whitethorn spreading rumours about her that have Sterling doubting her honesty. This is a somewhat slow-moving romance that touches on domestic violence and alcoholism. Characters from the next book in the series, The Widow and the Rodeo Man, by Jackie Merritt, are introduced here. This book ends with an unsolved murder that extends into the next few books of the series and rather stretches credibility: a bride somehow finds time during her wedding to stab and kill an unknown man without getting blood on her dress. The main story has a bit of heartbreak with a happy ending making it a sweet romance.
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