Book List in Order: 28 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Amish Protectors

1) Amish Refuge (May-2017)
2) Undercover Amish (Oct-2017)
3) Amish Rescue (Apr-2018)
4) Amish Christmas Secrets (Oct-2018)

Magnolia Medical

1) Countdown To Death (Oct-2008)
2) Protecting Her Child (May-2009)

Military Investigations

1) The Officer's Secret (May-2011)
2) The Captain's Mission (Oct-2011)
3) The Colonel's Daughter (Aug-2012)
4) The General's Secretary (Jan-2013)
5) The Soldier's Sister (Sep-2013)
6) The Agent's Secret Past (Mar-2014)
7) Stranded (Mar-2015)
8) Person of Interest (Aug-2015)
9) Plain Danger (Feb-2016)
10) Plain Truth (Sep-2016)

Multi-Author Series List

Amish Witness Protection

2) Amish Safe House (Feb-2019)

Protecting the Witness

Killer Headline (Feb-2010)