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    7 Books
  • First Book:
    June 1991
  • Latest Book:
    January 2016
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Book List in Order: 7 titles

  • THEY SAY DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. THAT SURE COMES IN HANDY SOMETIMES. Los Angeles newspaper columnist Johnny Rose has barely begun looking into the discovery of a dead body in the middle of the Mojave Desert when a phone call sidelines him. A Vietn...

  • When cops burst into a sleazy hotel in Tijuana’s red light district, Rick Moreno, who’s wanted for murder in L.A., knows they’ve come to kill him, not arrest him. The cops work for Jeffrey Johns, CEO of Development One -- a company with billi...

  • When his son, Scott, is murdered in Tijuana, Wade Mauer vows to avenge his death. But Wade’s world is turned upside down a second time when he discovers that Scott was in love with a woman in Tijuana and that they had a son. Helped by his friend, H...

  • It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Joey, the bartender and very bad conman, agrees immediately when mob boss Vincent the Hammer, makes him an offer: turn Delilah, Vincent’s daughter, into a rock star, and do it fast, or spend eternity in a rolle...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Chuck Freadhoff has published 7 books.

Chuck Freadhoff does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Free Booze Tonight, was published in January 2016.

The first book by Chuck Freadhoff, Codename: Cipher, was published in June 1991.

No. Chuck Freadhoff does not write books in series.