City of Serpents
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When cops burst into a sleazy hotel in Tijuana's red light district, Rick Moreno, who's wanted for murder in L.A., knows they've come to kill him, not arrest him. The cops work for Jeffrey Johns, CEO of Development One -- a company with billions to lose if its secret is exposed. Rick's wife, Kelly, discovered the secret and was killed. Framed for Kelly's murder, Rick came to Tijuana to find Freddy, his alibi witness. But after seeing Freddy gunned down, Rick knows his life is on the line. He must cross back to the City of Serpents to clear his name and be reunited with his daughter, Sara. But if he crosses legally, he'll be caught and go to prison. Alone and broke, he calls the only man who can help - his cousin, Carlos, a former gang banger and two-time loser. There's no love lost between them. Carlos thinks Rick is a sellout and Rick suspects Carlos may be the real killer.
Back in L.A., with the cops closing in, Rick confronts Johns with the secret and gets proof that he murdered Kelly but almost pays with his life in the process. In the end, Rick is reunited with Sara and understands the true value of family.
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