Book List in Order: 25 titles

Multi-Author Series List

Backyardigans (Ready-to-Read)

5) Rescue Patrol (Nov-2006)
6) Trouble on the Train (May-2007)
7) Three Wishes (Jul-2007)
9) Follow That Egg! (Jan-2008)

The Backyardigans (8x8)

1) Race to the Tower of Power (Jan-2006)
5) Say "Please!": A Book about Manners (Aug-2006)
12) Backyardigans and the Beanstalk (May-2008)
14) To the Center of the Earth! (Jan-2009)
17) Rain, Rain, Go Away (Feb-2010)

Backyardigans (Board Books)

Jingle Bell Christmas (Oct-2007)

Bear in the Big Blue House

Bear's White Christmas (Oct-2003)

Blue's Clues

Blue's Lunchbox (Apr-2000)
Blue's 12 Days of Christmas (Oct-2002)


Piggley's Treasure Hunt (Jul-2007)
What's Hatching? (Jan-2008)

Jakers! (8x8)

4) Piggley's Treasure Hunt (Jul-2007)
6) What's Hatching? (Jan-2008)

Little Bill (8x8)

The Honeywood Street Fair (Sep-2001)
Super Detective Little Bill (Oct-2002)
Hooray for Mother's Day! (Apr-2003)
Little Bill's Birthday Party (Jun-2003)
Hello, Santa! (Oct-2003)
Is It My Turn Now? (May-2004)

Ni Hao, Kai-lan (Ready-to-Read)

2) Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Tolee's Rhyme Time (Jul-2009)