Book List in Order: 61 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Brody Law

1) The Bridge (Apr-2014)
2) The District (May-2014)
3) The Wharf (Sep-2014)
4) The Hill (Oct-2014)

Brothers in Arms

1) Navy SEAL Security (Mar-2011)
2) Mountain Ranger Recon (Apr-2011)
3) Top Gun Guardian (Dec-2011)
4) Green Beret Bodyguard (Jan-2012)
5) Run, Hide (Mar-2013)
6) Conceal, Protect (Apr-2013)
7) Trap, Secure (Oct-2013)
8) Catch, Release (Nov-2013)
9) Under Fire (Jul-2015)
10) The Pregnancy Plot (Aug-2015)
11) Navy SEAL Spy (Oct-2015)
12) Secret Agent Santa (Nov-2015)

Brothers in Arms: Fully Engaged

1) Run, Hide (Mar-2013)
2) Conceal, Protect (Apr-2013)
3) Trap, Secure (Oct-2013)
4) Catch, Release (Nov-2013)

Brothers in Arms: Retribution

1) Under Fire (Jul-2015)
2) The Pregnancy Plot (Aug-2015)
3) Navy SEAL Spy (Oct-2015)
4) Secret Agent Santa (Nov-2015)

Guardians of Coral Cove

1) Obsession (May-2012)
2) Eyewitness (Jun-2012)
3) Intuition (Sep-2012)
4) Deception (Oct-2012)

Holding the Line

1) Evasive Action (Jun-2020)
2) Chain of Custody (Jul-2020)
3) Unraveling Jane Doe (Aug-2020)
4) Buried Secrets (Sep-2020)

A Kyra and Jake Investigation

1) The Setup (Apr-2021)
2) The Decoy (May-2021)
3) The Bait (Jun-2021)
4) The Trap (Jul-2021)

The Lost Girls

1) Canyon Crime Scene (Jul-2022)
2) Lakeside Mystery (Aug-2022)

Red, White and Built

1) Locked, Loaded and SEALed (Apr-2017)
2) Alpha Bravo SEAL (May-2017)
3) Bullseye: SEAL (Sep-2017)
4) Point Blank SEAL (Oct-2017)
5) Secured by the SEAL (Feb-2018)
6) Bulletproof SEAL (Mar-2018)
7) Delta Force Defender (Nov-2018)
8) Delta Force Daddy (Dec-2018)
9) Delta Force Die Hard (Jan-2019)
10) Enemy Infiltration (Nov-2019)
11) Undercover Accomplice (Dec-2019)
12) Code Conspiracy (Jan-2020)

Red, White and Built: Pumped Up

1) Delta Force Defender (Nov-2018)
2) Delta Force Daddy (Dec-2018)
3) Delta Force Die Hard (Jan-2019)

Red, White and Built: Delta Force Deliverance

1) Enemy Infiltration (Nov-2019)
2) Undercover Accomplice (Dec-2019)
3) Code Conspiracy (Jan-2020)

Target: Timberline

1) Single Father Sheriff (Aug-2016)
2) Sudden Second Chance (Sep-2016)
3) Army Ranger Redemption (Oct-2016)
4) In the Arms of the Enemy (Nov-2016)

Multi-Author Series List

Tactical Crime Division: Traverse City

1) Rookie Instincts (Nov-2020)

Tough Justice

3) Burned (Jan-2016)
6) Ambushed (Jan-2016)