Book List in Order: 32 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Ainsley McGregor

1) A Case for the Winemaker (Jan-2020)
2) A Case for the Yarn Maker (Apr-2020)
3) A Case for the Toy Maker (Nov-2020)
4) A Case for the Candle Maker (Feb-2021)

A Caruthers Sisters Novel

1) The Demon King and I (Nov-2008)
2) Dragons Prefer Blondes (Jul-2009)


1) Charmed & Dangerous (Sep-2005)
2) Charmed & Ready (Sep-2006)
3) Charmed & Deadly (Jun-2007)
4) Like a Charm (Feb-2008)

Holiday & Hearts

1) Christmas at Holiday Peak (Nov-2018)
2) New Year's at Holiday Peak (Dec-2018)
3) A Holiday Peak Valentine (Feb-2019)

Stonegate Investigative Agency

1) Take Me If You Dare (Feb-2010)
2) She Who Dares, Wins (Apr-2011)
3) Truth and Dare (May-2011)

Multi-Author Series List

Uniformly Hot!

23) Model Marine (Nov-2011)
38) Mission: Seduction (Sep-2013)
60) Her Sexy Marine Valentine (Mar-2016)
64) Make Mine a Marine (Jul-2016)
68) Christmas with the Marine (Nov-2016)