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  • DetonationRenowned maritime investigator Brick Morgan, recently returned from solving a suspicious overboard in the Bernini Under the Stars, is on the case again in Detonation. A dirty nuclear bomb compromises the Panama Canal--as well as a sold-out ...

  • A vicious sex crime on a luxury cruise liner brings private maritime investigator Brick Morgan face-to-face with an old flame-and a deadly terrorist plot that threatens an entire fleet of cruise ships. Morgan must stop the radical fundamentalists, bu...

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    In the city of Villa Park, California, retired businessman Fred Dupree lies dead in his home. His son Forrest, the drummer of an up-and-coming band, Purple Cinnamon, has both opportunity and motive working against him-his father was worth well over s...

Complete Series List in Order

A Brick Morgan Novel

1) High Seas Darkness (Jun-2014)
2) Detonation (Oct-2017)