Anne Weale

Anne Weale began her writing career as a newspaper reporter. At 30, she had published seven novels. She briefly retired to start a family.

Weale has now written over 80 novels and has traveled the world with her family.

Book List in Order: 84 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Castle Saga

1) Portrait of Bethany (Jun-1982)
2) Girl in a Golden Bed (Jan-1986)

Longwarden Saga

1) Flora (Apr-1983)
2) All My Worldly Goods (Dec-1989)
3) The Fountain of Delight (Dec-1990)

Man of the World

1) Until We Met (Sep-1964)
2) Terrace in the Sun (Dec-1966)
3) The Man in Command (Jan-1969)
4) Sullivan's Reef (Aug-1970)
5) That Man Simon (Jul-1971)
6) The Fields of Heaven (Jan-1974)
7) The First Officer (Nov-1980)
8) Bed of Roses (Jun-1982)
9) Wedding of the Year (Jan-1983)
10) Summer's Awakening (Jul-1984)
11) Pink Champagne (Aug-1992)
12) Tequila Sunrise (Sep-1994)
13) Never Go Back (Nov-1995)
14) Seascape (Apr-1996)
15) A Night to Remember (Nov-1996)
16) Sophie's Secret (Apr-1997)
17) A Marriage Has Been Arranged (Sep-1997)
18) The Youngest Sister (Feb-1998)
19) The Bartered Bride (Sep-1998)
20) The Impatient Virgin (Nov-1998)
21) Sleepless Nights (May-1999)
22) Desert Honeymoon (Oct-1999)
23) Worthy of Marriage (Dec-2000)


1) A Spanish Honeymoon (Mar-2004)
2) The Man From Madrid (Apr-2004)

Multi-Author Series List

First Class

Thai Silk (Feb-1990)

Man of the World

Tequila Sunrise (Sep-1994)