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    27 Books (8 Series)
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    July 2008
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    October 2018
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Full Series List in Order

Campus Players

1 - Grooming the Player (Dec-2013)
2 - Hiring the Player (May-2014)

Montana John's

1 - Under New Management (Jan-2014)
2 - Happy Hour (Mar-2014)
3 - Grand Opening (May-2014)

Murph & Grace

1 - I Will Find You (Nov-2014)

The Nassd Counter-Terrorist Agency

1 - At Any Cost (Jul-2008)
2 - Seek and Destroy (Nov-2008)


1 - Riding Lessons (Feb-2015)
2 - Riding Double (Feb-2015)


0.5 - First Response (Oct-2013)
1 - Rescue Me (Sep-2013)
2 - At Any Cost (Jul-2008)
3 - No Way Out (Dec-2013)
4 - Seek and Destroy (Nov-2008)
5 - Under the Covers (Aug-2014)
6 - Out of Time (Aug-2015)
7 - It Takes Two (Nov-2015)
8 - Merry TREXmas (Jan-2016)
9 - Girls On Film (Feb-2016)

TREX Rogues

1 - Evan (Jun-2018)
2 - Jacob (Jul-2018)
3 - Gabriel (Oct-2018)

TREX Rookies

1 - Reluctant Hero (Apr-2017)
2 - The Heat is On (Oct-2017)

Book List in Order: 27 titles

  • She's totally off limits...but not tonight.TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen has everything he wants: a new ops team under his command, the mission of his career about to deploy--and a woman in his arms who's got him so jacked, he's ...

  • Sometimes life depends not on who you trust... Bush pilot Reid Cavanaugh’s life is turned upside down when he takes a fare that ends up driving his plane into the ground and him into the danger surrounding her. When he discovers that she’s a doct...

  • This TREX agent doesn't mess around...It's a year before At Any Cost. TREX Agent Steve Gessler is in Tahiti to take out a terrorist before the madman can strike. Steve never expected there to be a second hitter--or for that hitter t...

  • When its owner dies, a rustic bar is saved from bankruptcy by the love of a local girl with big dreams and a handsome outsider with just the right touch. And by the magic of small-town Montana.Welcome to Montana John’s.A place where dreams really d...

  • The death of a good friend makes millionaire Ryan Butler realize just what’s truly important in life: love, family, and getting to know a beautiful single mother whose deep blue eyes are as magical as P-Burg and Montana John’s Yuletide celebratio...

  • When the owners of Montana John’s bring in a “fixer” to help save their establishment from bankruptcy, the sexy Brit turns out to have all the right moves to ensure a grand opening of both the restaurant and Anne Feldman’s heart, body and sou...

  • When life gets you down... Kayla Riggs is three weeks from graduation and has yet to have one college experience worthy of a memory, let alone a story to tell people later. Her BFFs make a deal with the player next door -- show Kayla how to have a li...

  • Her desperation will drive her into both their arms.Desperate to find her missing sister, Mia Andrews follows her trail to an underground ring where women are sold off every night. Under the cover of a courtesan, the only way to fin...

  • He abducts women who look like her and takes each one as his bride. With each disappointment, he begins again. A young female’s mutilated body, dressed in Amish clothing, is discovered outside the Newfoundland religious compound in Billings. For Mo...

  • When you're out of time, you make mistakes.When TREX Agent Chris McKoy watched his future walk away, he never expected to find her five years later on the wrong side of a deadly mission where nothing is as it seems. Instead of convincing her to turn ...

  • 3 friends...A near-fatal attack left TREX Agent Jeremy Bowman permanently scarred--both physically and emotionally. His brother Jason is worried he won't be able to bring him back from the shell of a man he's become, so he enlists the help of Jeremy'...

  • Christmas turns to chaos when the senior agents of TREX get together in Seattle for the holidays. What's a forced reunion without a little laughter, a few tears, and a couple fistfights?After too many hours under the same roof, too many alphas, and t...

  • The photo shoot of a lifetime...One week after the apparent suicide of a model with the famous Miles Anthony Studio, another body is found inside the studio, this one a woman carefully posed in front of a camera. The discovery of th...

  • Meet the next generation of TREX. These rookies bring fresh perspective to the covert agency -- like how there’s more to life than the job. To complete his transformation from zero to hero, he’ll need a little hands-on training. Harold Ryan is th...

  • How do you convince the uptight girl next door to have some fun? Apply a little heat. Meet the next generation of TREX. These rookies bring fresh perspective to the covert agency -- like how there’s more to life than the job.She has a plan for ever...

  • Jacob is the second book in the TREX spinoff M/M romance series, Rogues.One man wants to outrun his past...The other wants to confront it.When their wants collide, only one can win.From USA Today bestselling author Allie K. Adams co...

  • Gabriel is the third book in the TREX spinoff M/M romance series, Rogues.He’s a 24/7 Dom with a singular, specific kink…who wants a man who’s never experienced true submission…and always gets what he wants.From USA Today bestselling author Al...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Allie K. Adams has published 27 books.

Allie K. Adams does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Gabriel, was published in October 2018.

The first book by Allie K. Adams, At Any Cost, was published in July 2008.

Yes. Allie K. Adams has 8 series.