Valentine Love
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

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(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 3.5 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 2.5 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 3.5 Buy
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    Three tales of romantic Regency love. A trio of Valentine romances includes "CUPID's ARROW," in which the Duke of Vail unexpectedly falls in love at his own party; "GAME OF HEARTS" about a solitary getaway that has unexpected benefits; and "THE UNWILLING BRIDE," in which a snowstorm reunites Lucinda with her estranged husband.

    Cupid's Arrow by Sara Blayne
    Expecting few surprises at his Valentine's Day gala, the Duke of Vail is captivated by the delightful antics of Miss letitia Treadwell. Can he remain immune to her outrageous ways...or will Cupid's arrow pierce his well-protected heart?

    Game of Hearts by JoAnn Ferguson
    Lucinda Hart arrives at a country lodge for a family visit...and finds an empty house and her brother's handsome best friend stealing about the premises. Soon she is swept up in a Valentine's Day game of romance that only a truly loving heart can win…

    The Unwilling Bride by Lois Stewart
    Caught in a snowstorm on her way to a Valentine's Day houseparty, Lucinda Vernon is forced to put up at a crowded inn. To her dismay, she learns that her estranged husband has engaged the last available room. Forced to share his suite, can she remain unmoved by his appeals for forgiveness...or will her heart answer his?