Spellbound Kisses
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Gothic / GO 1
(ss) Gothic / GO 0
(ss) Gothic / GO 0
(ss) Gothic / GO 0
  • Description:
    Four bewitching tales of enchantment love include

    THE SEVENTH BRIDE by Becky Lee Weyrich - The story of a shy bride who is suddenly transformed into a wanton seductress while she and her husband are honeymooning at a mysterious Maine castle.

    SPIRIT OF THE MANOR by Ashland Price - Tis a crazy scheme, but Lysandra McGill has accompanied her impoverished family to a haunted Irish mansion to pose as the lost McGill heirs. She doesn't count on falling for the estate's handsome solicitor - or on the eerie consequences of a trick that threatens her romance and steps on some other worldly toes..

    LOVESPELL by Colleen Faulkner - Cursed by a run of bad luck that casts him adrift in colonial Virginia, Scotsman Rob Cameron loses his ship.. only to gain two motherless orphans. At his wits end, he weds - in name only - a woman rumored to be a witch. Will the enchanting Katie change his life with the magic of a woman's loving heart?

    PHANTOM'S CARESS by Caroline Bourne - Kristina Hartman hasn't come to Louisana expecting to find romance. Until she meets a beguiling stranger who sweeps her into his arms - only to vanish for the night. Though her heart tells her to beware, she cannot forget his firey kisses. Is Kristina's mystery man real - or is she haunted by a passion made only of moonlight and mist?