Cherished Moments
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

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(ss) Historical Romance / HR 4.5 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 2 Buy
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    Join three of your favorite storytellers on a tender journey of the heart...

    Cherished Moments is an extraordinary collection of breathtaking novellas woven around the theme of motherhood. Before you turn the last page you will have been swept from the storm-tossed coast of a Scottish isle to the fury of the American frontier, and you will have lived the lives and loves of three indomitable women, as they experience their most passionate moments.

    In Anita Mills' "Memories," a stagecoach accident reunites a beautiful woman with the man she once adored--and the meddlesome mother who'd torn their love apart.

    In Arnette Lamb's "Flowers from the Sea," warring Scottish clans explode into bitter battle, as a young girl discovers the mother she never knew--and a love she never dreamed possible.

    In Rosanne Bittner's "Indian Summer," a preacher's golden-haired wife is led by her innocent daughter into a shattering choice between her stoic husband and a proud and spiritual Cheyenne warrior.

    Celebrate the tender magic of love, as three favorite authors explore all the turbulence and sweetness a woman can know--as a mother, and as a beloved.