Charming the Snake
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Romance / R 3 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 3 Buy
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    The Good Girls: Dr. Gladys Loder. Brown hair, brown eyes, skinny, tall-as ordinary as they come. Liberty Wainwright. An extraterrestrial archaeologist who lives by the rules. Chastity Tilson. Privileged, beautiful, fiercely independent. The Bad Boys: Jaz Scavenge. Red hair so dark it's almost purple, eyes a lighter shade-cherry cough drop red, to be exact. Brady St. James. Ebony hair, cobalt eyes-a man called the Saint, though he is anything but. Darian "Dare the Devil" Acer. Deeply tanned, dark of hair and eye-the ultimate in masculine perfection. Charming the Snake: Good girls, bad boys, sinners and saints-it takes a special passion to charm the snake. Gladys and Jaz, Libby and Brady, Chassy and Dare. Three clashing couples, three laugh-out-loud lusty futuristic erotic romances from: New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author MaryJanice Davidson and introducing Camille Anthony and Melissa Schroeder.