A June Courtship
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

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(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 2 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 2 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 2 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
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    Six delightfully romantic regency short stories about love and marriage in the month of June. Featuring daring plots for the winning of hearts, unlikely partnerships which blaze into passionate fires, and intriguing choices between love and honor. Just in time for wedding season.

    SUMMER DECEPTION by Alana Clayton
    When Maxwell Bradford returns to Whitfield Hall, he is a stranger. But Arabella Stanton recognizes the man she has always loves . . . and hatches a daring plot to win his heart.

    SECOND CHOICES by Violet Hamilton
    When her sister runs off with a colonel, Susan must wed the Earl of Alfriston in her stead. The marriage of convenience flames into romance when Susan falls in love. But does her handsome husband share her sentiments?

    THE GEMEL RING by Sara Blayne
    When Harriet Kendal agrees to pose as her cousin and marry the Duke of Lynton, she is sure that they couldn't be more ill-suited . . . until she discovers the dashing duke's seductive secret.

    THE RELUCTANT BRIDE by Patricia Laye
    Her guardian having wagered her honor on a roll of the dice, Katherine Donlevy is betrothed to a notorious rake as loath to wed as she. But she soon discovers that love can conquer even the most reluctant heart.

    Delighted to escape the cloying attentions of his betrothed, Julian Fairbrother rides off the meet an attractive young lady . . . and loses his heart. Wags wonder which will triumph in the end -- honor or love?

    THE CONVENIENT ROMANCE by Claudette Williams
    Lady Minerva's vast fortune goes to whichever of her three grandsons wins the hand of her ward...and the chase is on. But Shawna has her own notions about love and marriage.