A Christmas Caress
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    Original story collection
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    Six tales of Christmas love by six beloved historical romance authors

    SEA OF MIRACLES by Christine Dorsey
    Margaret Lewis believes that desperate times call for desperate measures. So when she learns that Scrooge-like businessman Thomas Blackstone is going to foreclose on her orphanage, she decides to do something drastic and kidnaps him. How could she have known that beneath his gruff spirit lies a heart yearning to be loved.

    Answering an ad for a mail-order bride is the most daring thing Philadelphia-born Liberty has ever done. But the snowy wilds of Montana are warm compared to the icy welcome she receives from her husband-to-be. Is Liberty fated to feel lonely and unloved forever or will this be the Christmas to cherish?

    THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS by Katharine Kincaid
    Widowed and alone in a lawless land after a brutal attack leaves her husband dead and her daughter unable to speak, Mary Cordon hates and fears all Indians. Until a stormy Christmas Eve brings a savage stranger to her doorstep. Can Mary open her home and heart to a man who brings a special gift of love?

    SNOW ANGELS by Sonya T. Pelton
    No man has ever touched Summer Wind more deeply than frontiersman Hank Rountree; and no pain was more bitter than the day he left their mountain home. Now, along with the Christmas snows, he has returned but it will take another kind of miracle before she can trust him with her heart again.

    THE CHRISTMAS WAGON by Evelyn Rogers
    Struggling to make ago of her nearly bankrupt farm, the last thing Allie Webster expects is for an Apache half-breed to ride into her life. But neither her narrow-minded Texas neighbors nor her own fears can stop Allie from following her dreams in this season of hope, joy and love.

    WINTER KISS by Terri Valentine
    Furious at Boston rake Merrick Noble for trying to compromise her virtue, newly unemployed Rachel Wagner soon has other things to worry about such as finding shelter this wintry night. No one is more surprised than she when Noble appears to lighten her spirits with a little holiday cheer and lots of love!