Basic book information

Once you are logged in to your account, each author's page will show the following. We make extensive use of hover text, so just place your mouse over an image and you will be given a quick description of the function.

author detail

Your details for this author

If you don't have any titles by this author:

** The stars reflect site visitors overall rating of this author

** Clicking on the gray heart will add this author to your favorites list.

** Clicking on a + icon will add this author's book list to the list selected.

Here is an example of an author with books on your lists.

** The green stars indicate you have rated this author 4 stars

** The red heart indicates this author is on your favorites list

** To remove this author from your favorites, just click the red heart and it will return to gray

** The check marks indicate that you have books on List 2 and List 3 (lists can be renamed)

** Clicking on a check mark will add any books by this author not currently on a list

** Clicking on the red X will delete this author and all their books from your lists

title detail

A - Series information

** If a green check mark is present, this book is part of an author series or a multi-author series

** Clicking on the green check mark will pop up a list of the series associated with this title

** The text to the right of check mark denotes publisher series, primarily Harlequin

** Clicking on the series code will take you to the full list for that series


B - Your rating for this title

To rate a book just click the stars


** After you click, the stars will turn green and your status will be changed to R - read

** Clicking on the red X will delete this title from your list and will also delete your rating


C - Your details for this title

You can use your lists any way you'd like. Many people use them as shelves: Own, Wishlist, Read

If this book is not on your lists:

** To add a book to one of your lists, click the corresponding + icon

** To add a book a book to List 1 click on the blue +

Here is an example of a book on List 2:

** The gray square represents book status. Click on the button to change the status. The available status levels are want to read, currently reading, read, loaned, ordered

** The C indicates you are currently reading this book

** The check mark indicates the list where this book resides.

** Clicking on the check mark will remove this book from your list.

** You can add a book to 1 or more lists by clicking the + sign.

** Clicking on the red X will delete this title from your list


D - Primary genre information

** These codes refer to the primary genre. Other genres can be found on the book detail page

** Hovering your mouse over the code will reveal the full text

** Clicking the code will take you to full list of codes used on the site


E - Short story indicator

** The (ss) following a title indicates it is a short story included in an anthology or collection

** Hovering your mouse over the code will reveal the primary anthology name

** Clicking the code will take you to full list of stories included in that anthology