Young Doctor Bob
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Devoted as he was to his successful brother, Dr. Harvey Gordon, young Doctor Bob Gordon refused a partnership in Harvey's fashionable practice when he finished his year as an intern. Resentful of Harvey's “realistic” attitude toward his profession, Doctor Bob began his practice with but one ideal in his heart -- to serve humanity wherever he could, rich and poor alike. His work at the Charity clinic marked the beginning of a romance with two beautiful girls. As wide apart as the poles, each was to influence his career.

Disappointed that Doctor Bob refused his brother's offer of a partnership, lovely blonde Marjorie Sutton, began making other plans to steer the young physician into the lucrative practice she desired for him. As the granddaughter of the town's wealthiest citizens, Marjorie had always been used to getting what she wanted. But she planned without taking into account the fighting spirit of Katherine -- Katy -- Laurel, spunky red-headed nurse who fought for Doctor Bob's ideals as fiercely as he himself did.

Maneuvered into an engagement to Marjorie, Doctor Bob found his real strength in Mary Gordon, the gentle-shrewd and understanding mother he had always taken for granted. And it was finally through Mary that Doctor Bob became reconciled to his brother and discovered the girl he loved.

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