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    12 Books
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    January 1945
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    October 2004
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  • Devoted as he was to his successful brother, Dr. Harvey Gordon, young Doctor Bob Gordon refused a partnership in Harvey’s fashionable practice when he finished his year as an intern. Resentful of Harvey’s “realistic” attitude toward his profe...

  • CASTLES IN SPAIN Fiestas, bullfights, the adulation of the aficionados -- this was the thrilling world Raoul Bermudez, Spain’s celebrated young matador, opened to golden-haired Lieutenant Faye Ramsey, stationed at a US air base in Spain. Vain...

  • Behind the scenes in a giant hospital, she discovered that medicine and men could be an explosive combination. As staff nurse in a fast-paced university hospital, Jane Arden was sure her new job would leave her no time for men. She was also sur...

  • Jane’s exciting new career at Cape Canaveral suddenly threatens her life as a woman. As Jane embarked upon the most exciting adventure of her career, she was forced to postpone her marriage to handsome Jeff Wallace. Jane had no way of foresee...

  • The poems written in this book are very personal to me. I have poured my heart and soul throughout these pages. I want to personally invite you into a world where anything is imaginable. A place that will lift up your spirits when they are down...a p...

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    Jane was faced with the crisis of her life -- either give up a new and growing love, or shatter her cherished career? When Jane Arden took over as Head Nurse at the Friedmont Hospital, she knew that the job had many pitfalls. But it was an excit...

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    Jane Arden, a graduate nurse, is facing the prospect of her first job. She has been offered a position at City-County Hospital in Elmwood, Ohio, where she has just completed training -- a prospect which has the added advantage that she can remain a...

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    LOVE AND DR. CRANDALL -- Jane Arden, student nurse, had heard a lot about Dr. Robin Crandall, but it wasn’t until a crisis arose and she was sent to assist in “Emergency” that she came face to face with the handsome young doctor -- and in h...

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    Suddenly she was dangerously involved with her boss -- a brilliant young surgeon, who didn’t believe in marriage. All the women who knew Dr. Tony Gray agreed that he was too attractive for his own good -- yet none of them could help falling ...

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    Cindy Jameson's South American holiday had been exciting from the start. But a new kind of excitement developed when the lovely young nurse became a guest at the ranch of the handsome, mysterious Senor Ferrel. There was something sinister about t...

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    How long could Deborah remain a fugitive on an island that time forgot, denying her true identity and the profession she had trained so hard for? A premonition come true . . . Deborah McGarthy was uneasy about the cruise, but old Mr. Engleman...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kathleen Harris has published 12 books.

Kathleen Harris does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Morning, was published in October 2004.

The first book by Kathleen Harris, Young Doctor Bob, was published in January 1945.

No. Kathleen Harris does not write books in series.