Valentine's Change of Heart
Heart and Soul

Valentine Wharton has been drowning is sorrow ever since he lost his beloved Penny Foster to the town gossips. But Wharton no longer cares what the members of the ton have to say--not since high society scorned his beloved Penny. Now his sole care is for his nine-year-old daughter, Felicity, who his one and only love left behind and who he cherishes more than life itself.

Miss Elaine Deering is, in young Felicity's opinion, the best part of boarding school. So when Wharton arrives at the school to take his daughter on holiday, he arranges for Miss Deering to join the two as a temporary governess. Unfortunately, his reputation has preceded Wharton, and the handsome lord scares Miss Deering to no end. But when he begins to take delight in the skeptical schoolteacher, there may be luck for both of them--and hope in store for his broken heart....

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