The Wrong SEAL

Sam Samson is a hero. He’s a former Navy SEAL, a former security specialist, and a former decorated police detective - a man successful by everyone’s standards but his own. Five years earlier his life fell apart.
Sam has spent time in the most dangerous places in the world. Fought for his country. Protected his teammates. Put lawbreakers in prison. But it is tiny Crenshaw Valley, Missouri, home of Driscoll Produce, featuring Imogene’s Jams and Jellies, where everything went wrong.
Imogene “Cricket” Driscoll is in big trouble. Someone is stalking her. The windows of her home have been shot out while her kids were in their beds. The production facility of her produce company has had waves of sabotage. She’s broke and sees only bad news ahead. Most of the county works for her. If she goes under so will their jobs and the community.
Cricket needs help.
The sheriff, a drunken fool, has refused. Whoever is behind her problems, is no stranger. But while Sam appears to be the answer to her prayers, he could open an entirely new can of worms. Even in small towns people’s lives are built on lies.
And why hasn’t the five years since he last visited turned him into a troll instead of the handsomeness man she knows?
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