The Wrong Cop

It’s Christmas. Detective Grant Matthews’ three-year-old daughter fights a losing battle with leukemia. Work is imploding while he’s holding his life together with duct tape and chewing gum. All he wants is a healthy daughter and a normal life - or as normal as it gets for a cop. He never thought being an ex-SEAL would have been an easier time in his life.

The burglary ring he’s investigating has morphed into possible homicide with the potential of a cop on the take. The lynch pin of this scenario is Dori Connors, ex-wife to the dirty cop and caterer to the thief.

Grant wants to believe she’s innocent, but her name appears at all the wrong moments.

Dori can’t believe her ex-husband is back in her life and not in a useful way. All she wants is a Mexico vacation littered with golden skinned cabana boys and a serious amount of tequila. She’s earned it.

Instead, her last catered party ends with red and blue flashing lights and the host arrested. Her one sanctuary, her home is burglarized and the police are eying her with suspension. This is not good - not good at all.

The one thing she knows for sure is cops protect their own and she’s on the wrong side of the blue line.

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