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    Jan-2011 (Hardcover)
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All was as it should be. The ski conditions were textbook; the skies were deep blue, the wind was calm, it was twenty-four degrees and there were three inches of fresh powder sitting on top of a finely tuned base. There could not have been a more perfect day to begin altering the course of history.

Imagine the fantasy of returning to a younger age while retaining your hard-earned wisdom. Imagine the wonderful life you would lead, the mistakes you would easily avoid, the opportunities missed that you could now grab at will. However, these fantasies never include the terror and confusion of being cast back to one's youth; but there would be a great deal of confusion and.terror.

This is the epic story of Alexander Gabriel, a brilliant 43-year old investment broker, who, following a skiing accident, finds himself inexplicably hurled back thirty-five years in time and forced to begin his life over as an eight year old. Being forearmed with an immense knowledge of the future investment world, Alex soon recognizes his incredible potential for amassing a vast fortune. His new life proceeds with few difficulties for over 2 decades. Then things start to go horribly wrong. Acts of betrayal, murder and Islamic terror shatter Alex Gabriel's world and thrust him toward his ultimate destiny. He begins using his infinite wealth to radically alter the world. He puts together a council of intellectuals, and collectively they create The WGC. Their goal is to forge a world devoid of the multitude of horrors that are rapidly consuming this planet.

Alex, in his second life, experiences terror, tragedies and outrageous injustice. Yet, over time, he realizes the purpose for his bizarre trip back to his childhood. It is more than a fantasy - it is his destiny. Alexander Gabriel's extraordinary life portrays both the power of money and the power of character. He dedicates his life to eradicating evil in all forms. He prevails over the challenges he was destined to tackle and, in the end, accomplishes that which others can only fantasize.

The WGC is a fascinating topical story with unusual and thought-provoking solutions for today's major problems of terrorism, worldwide corruption, crime and over population.

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    • Dec-2010
    • Outskirts Press
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 1432764527
    • ISBN13: 9781432764524
    • Dec-2010
    • Outskirts Press, Inc.
    • eBook (Kindle)

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