The Smallest Weapon
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Bruce Carter, fired from a teaching job at a prep school and blackballed in the region, lands a job in Belgium teaching American History for three years. He returns to the United States when his contract expires, a drift in a world that neither wants him or his skills and intelligence. Low on money he moves in with his widowed aunt and accepts a part-time job doing menial chores around a swanky Inn that caters to the international jet set, a desperate move for a 50-year-old man with a PhD degree. His boss senses he has talent, gives him a pay raise and lends him out to a highly successful charitable organization run by a Catholic Sister who then places him in more a responsible job. The more success he has, the more he is confronts his beliefs and demons that separates him from main stream America but pleases his real boss who happens to be the brother of the Catholic Sister. Then one day he is given an assignment to write a position paper condemning the advertising of prescription drugs on television--an issue that divides the brother and sister. His fear of becoming a Ping Pong ball between the siblings, he hopes his assignment won't destroy a lucrative and professionally challenging career he has been given. He wants to keep his job knowing what it's like to be poor and out of work. But does he have the smarts and political savvy to avoid being done in by the controversial prescription drug issue that's affecting nearly every American household and is reshaping the world as we know it with the rapid development of tiny personalized pills that can control the mind, morality with the added capability of killing and sterilizing people without a trace? Are there ways to avoid becoming a victim of these insane "masters" who plan to target certain segments of society they consider unfit with "The Smallest Weapon."

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    • Aug-2011
    • Createspace
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1463595034
    • ISBN13: 9781463595036


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