The Sands of Kalaven
With the blood of dragons coursing through her veins, Shunlar--mighty warrior possessed of great magic and great beauty--was instrumental in killing the evil Lord Creedath in battle and ended the tyrant sorcerer's rule over ancient Vensunor, fair city of mystical arts and wisdom. Now new dangers beckon as she searches for the truth about her real home--and lost love.

The divine oracle predicts ill for Shunlar and Ranth, young lovers once united in conquest but now sundered by separate missions of discovery into their clouded, magic-filled pasts. As she commences her journey, Shunlar is racked by frightening dreams--and though the stunning warrior is unaware of it, she now harbors strange and perilous new powers. Now as enemies masquerading as allies plot her ruin, Shunlar must follow a tortuous path that leads ultimately to the desert sands of Kalaven, where, wrapped in an unexpected destiny, her life and love will once again intertwine.

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    • First Edition
    • Jul-1998
    • Avon
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 0380790807
    • ISBN13: 9780380790807


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