The Road to Ruin
If the plague doesn’t kill you, the survivors will.

As a virulent plague sweeps through the country Deacon Carlisle’s wife dies in his arms. Consumed by grief, and with nothing to lose, there’s only one thing on his mind, to destroy Dan Morgan, the man responsible for the outbreak, and avenge her death.

Neglected trophy-wife Cassie Morgan watched the world die from the comfort and safety of her penthouse. She never once imagined her life of privilege would come to an end.

Her husband is the one man who should protect her, but since the virus killed everyone Dan’s a broken man. Three weeks in food is running short, and she's going to have to face the horror of the city alone.

Survival for Cassie and Dan will be tough, but staying alive as they escape the city, and their secret is uncovered, will be tougher.

The Road to Ruin is an intense post-apocalyptic thriller series, with a fresh take on TEOTWAWKI. If you like your apocalypse with well-developed characters, plenty of danger, suspense, action and plot twists then you'll love this page turner.

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