The Pirate and His Lady

Was she dreaming? Hours before the costumed "Pirate's Ball," Elizabeth Rawley witnessed a strange spectacle in the waters off Key West.

Engaged in mortal combat was the Black Cutter -- Captain Richard Colter's ship. Elizabeth was obsessed with the eighteenth-century ship's treasure -- and with its captain. A swashbuckling privateer who commanded the high seas and made women swoon for the favor of his wild passions.

Elizabeth knew they would have loved each other with a passion to rock the heavens. If only they hadn't lived two hundred years apart.

Then, on a moonlit beach, she found the body washed ashore -- in a homespun shirt, breeches and hemp tying back his long hair.

But this was no costume ... and this was no dream. It was Richard Colter. And he was alive.
People / Creatures
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