The Devil's Instrument
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Triangle in terror... Mallas Dela Torres -- Slave to a memory of a dead man. She was confined to her bed but the doctors could find no physical symptoms. She had delusions that her dead lover called to her -- or were they delusions?

Her Husband -- A man of two faces. One charming, seductive and overwhelmingly attractive...but the other, egotistical, sadistic and ruthless...

Her Lover -- Arne, her husband's half-brother and supposedly dead. Or was he? His voice -- calling, calling to Mallas and ensnaring Nurse Gill in a web of doubt and unreality.

Nurse Diana Gill, 22, was assigned to care for the ailing Mallas dela Torres. Bright and alert, she was determined to unravel the mysteries of her patient's illness. Was Mallas held prisoner by the wiles of a wicked husband, the spell of a dead lover or the deceit of a driven woman?
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