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    7 Books
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    January 1971
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    January 1972
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  • When lovely, blond Julie Blake saved the life of young Rammie Wynant -- the frail, neglected son of millionaire Bram Wynant -- even the arrogant Dr. Ben Foreman had a few words of praise for her. Certainly Julie was a brilliant nurse. But she was ...

  • Invitation to Nightmare Everyone liked Ivy Langer. She was empty-headed, shallow in personality, and incompetent in every job that she had ever tried...but there was something that made people want to help Ivy, and her little daughter, Roseanne. M...

    • / Gothic
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    Inside the tiny cabin in the snowy mountain wastes, Kathy Frame, R.N., was delivering a baby -- a far cry from the well-equipped New York hospital where she had been working until a few days ago! When Kathy had decided to take the job with a ski l...

    • / Gothic
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    Triangle in terror... Mallas Dela Torres -- Slave to a memory of a dead man. She was confined to her bed but the doctors could find no physical symptoms. She had delusions that her dead lover called to her -- or were they delusions? Her Husband --...

    • / Gothic
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    It was a job offer Millie couldn't refuse -- $1,000 for a week's work, on a millionaire's private estate. She could use the money for acting lessons, or for her trousseau. But her new employers had other uses for Millie's talents. The...

    • / Romance
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    Brad Andrews’ unhappy past drove him from reality to the walls of a private mental institution. And Nurse Holly Warren did not realize how involved she would become with her handsome patient until she helped Dr. Mike Barrish administer the “truth...

    • / Gothic
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    I see it in my nightmares still... -- That ancient castle, built by a madman's whim in the bayou country -- source of an evil that tainted the lives of all who dwelt within and brought stark terror to those who knew anything of what happened at...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mary Mann Fletcher has published 7 books.

Mary Mann Fletcher does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Devil's Dress, was published in January 1972.

The first book by Mary Mann Fletcher, Nurse Julie, was published in January 1971.

No. Mary Mann Fletcher does not write books in series.