The Curry Killing
Pippa Hunnechurch is thrust into her own legal thriller when the hottest software company in town hauls her small headhunting firm into court on a charge of “consultant malpractice.” Pippa struggles to defend herself against the sharpest lawyers in the state—but the evidence is stacked against her. A bad situation gets even worse when the ruthless industrial spy who orchestrated Pippa’s legal woes starts killing people—and decides to include Pippa on the growing list of victims. As Pippa does her best to fend off a prideful murderer, she discovers that her own pride threatens to sabotage her relationship with her brand-new husband.

This novel was originally published under the title of Humble Pie.

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    • May-2011
    • Greenbrier Book Company
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Jun-2011
    • Greenbrier Book Company
    • eBook


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