The Bishop of Souls
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Jonsie Brown is a troubled foster child who spends much of his free time defying adults in supervisory positions and in various forms of reprimand and discipline. The few redeeming qualities of his life (which could indicate an avoidance of him becoming an adult habitual criminal offender) would be his lovely girlfriend, who has such a pleasant personality most people are dumbfounded as to what she sees in him as a suitor, and another foster child who considers Jonsie his older brother and is similarly devoted to him. Jonsie's rambunctious life would have probably continued along a history of behavior problems, except for an incredible encounter he experienced one night when he was supposed to have been in a form of solitary confinement. He meets a man who, although he does not openly state it, behaves like the contemporary interpretation of the Jesus Christ of traditional Judaeo-Christian theology.
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    • Aug-2006
    • PublishAmerica
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1424127998
    • ISBN13: 9781424127993

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