The Awful Abbey
There's something strange going on at the old Anthea Abbey, and Rufus County reporter Deedra Masefield is determined to get to the truth.

A stone fortress with a history of dark deeds, the abbey now belongs to an eccentric inventor who bought the place for his reclusive movie star wife. But the beautiful starlet has disappeared. And when a newspaper delivery boy finds a note pleading for help, Deedra suspects the worst.

Especially when the poor boy then goes missing.

Nosing about the secluded property, Deedra spies hidden cameras as well as the desperate, wraithlike image of seductive screen goddess Sharlee Devon clutching a baby boy. But Deedra's up against an iron-willed housekeeper and the hulking figure of a strange man-child wandering the grounds. It's a situation straight out of Hitchcock. But for Deedra, it's about to become a real-life nightmare that can only end in murder.
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    • First Edition
    • Oct-2004
    • Hilliard & Harris Publishers
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 1591330653
    • ISBN13: 9781591330653

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