A run-down town on the Dominican Republic’s Atlantic coast left behind by the tourist boom was the last resting place of the long-dead Conquistador who supposedly found the mythical ‘Gateway of the Moon’. If Jack Harker can find it and sneak the clues he left behind out from under the noses of the mysterious Conclave without getting killed in the attempt, he might yet beat them to the gate itself.

But he’s not the only one trying. Anya Martinez wants revenge for her brother, killed while working for one of the Conclave’s top brass, a woman who may no longer even be fully human.

With their mutual enemies divided and distrustful but ruthless all the same, Anya’s skills as a thief could be just what Jack needs. If he can trust her. If they can make it out of the DR alive...

Portal of the Gods is an episodic secret history conspiracy thriller which started with SHADOW and will continue with SMOKE.

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