Solomon: Demon King
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  A Psychedelic Thriller that brings back, Sepp Dietrich, in another riveting adventure that threatens to overload the mind with adrenaline and unimaginable action, after "Black Shark Valley".
  It is 5000 B.C.E, and King Solomon of Israel has been defeated and imprisoned by Underworld Demon, Azagthoth, before the Temple has been built. Nazi General "Sepp" Dietrich is tasked with saving King Solomon as a price for his Redemption. His assistants from fellow Hell-dwellers include H.P Lovecraft's Abdul-Al-Hazred; the tough American SOCOM commando, Captain Angelino, and the fabulously rich biblical Queen Sheba of Yemen, also on the lookout for a suitable husband.
    Bilderbergers, Rothschild bankers, and Rabbis enter Sepp and Solomon's time-reality in an "Inception-like" Dream spanning thousands of years, where the doomsday "Planet X" and murdered Russian Princess Anastasia star in mysterious "Synchronicity" in this Dream-within-a-Dream thriller. Whose Dream or Nightmare will ultimately become our Reality?  
Solomon: Demon King will take you around the Galaxies of different Universes with the ease of a master juggler, putting you in impossible historical situations which will leave you with an appreciation of history that your school teacher would've envied!
About the Author
  Saif Rizvi, M.D., long had a passion for the Intellectual arts. A movie by Andrei Tarkovsky, called "Stalker" set off his passion for the "Surreal", and Psychedelic thrillers following the standard set by Franz Kafka, Jules Verne, Lewis Caroll and William Shakespeare. Irvine Welsh with his "Trainspotting" made a distinct impression on him, and with the more recent Sven Hassel, as in the author only became aware of Sven's fine work only lately, all combined to produce his first novel, "Black Shark Valley". But realistically speaking, it's simply impossible for a well read author to list all his most influential books or authors. The entire realm of academic science and philosophy have also played a part in Dr. Rizvi's mind fermenting characters that defy the present generation of politically correct, gender-less ones, and attempts to bring back to life historical figures with their complete personalities intact. Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now", with its historical borrowings from Josef Conrad's "Heart of Darkness", and George Robert Elford's "Devil's Guard" helped draw up the lead Protagonist of "Chronicles of Sepp", SS General Josef "Sepp" Dietrich. Metaphysics has often been a question long ignored in 21st Century fictional books, but Dr. Rizvi attempts to bring back this lost Metaphysical world, now known as the Psychedelic World.
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    • Sep-2012
    • Psysword Publications
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 0615561098
    • ISBN13: 9780615561097

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