Requies Dawn
  • Published:
    May-2017 (Hardcover)
  • Formats:
    Print / eBook
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  • Main Genre:
    Science Fiction
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Requies Dawn is the thrilling first installment of the Eternal Requiem trilogy by author J.L. Forrest. In the far future, the cosmos has been reshaped by forces more powerful than even the great Atreiani, Sultah yw Sabi. Though she once ruled all the System, aided by her brothers and sisters, she now finds herself a pariah and the enemy of her own kind, locked in a desperate bid to undo the horrors of her own past-and to survive in a world she no longer knows. To succeed, she will need the aid of an E'cwn huntress, Nyahri, whose own blood history is tied inseparably to the machinations of new gods, old spirits, and an ancient love that cannot die. In addition to the Eternal Requiem trilogy, J.L. Forrest is the author of numerous short stories, which have appeared in the likes of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, including the collections Delicate Ministrations and Minuscule Truths.
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