Months after the events of Negativum, Luke and the visionaries are back. War and misery still fill the airs of Terra, but they have triumphed. For now. There is still so much to be gained and lost. They are only at the start of a long path. Thus far, most everything has gone right for them. They have had some setbacks, yes, but their plans have mostly succeeded. Now, things begin to take a turn for the darker in more ways than one, causing the visionaries to question most everything they knew about themselves and the world. They must toil and try to soar, avoiding madness along the way. But not all is negative. They are growing up and seeing the world in different ways and angles. Often, it seems like every day, more and more becomes possible. Their piles of money and fame grow only larger, allowing them to create more and more incredible sights. And there are even more worlds in their path. Read as they immerse themselves in lore and history; their breath taken away at the power of what they see. These are worlds with multiple suns and moons, with flora and fauna they would have only dreamed of in other worlds. Once more, their minds are blown away. Through it all, they keep learning and keep growing while hoping that their lives will not be cut short by their growing list of enemies. Luke finds that more worlds than Terra are exceedingly dangerous for him. every day, he grows more jaded, but also more ambitious, hoping that when the storms clear, the light will shine on him. This is a story of misery and euphoria, of triumph and tragedy, of love and heartbreak, of anxiety and pleasure. It is a winding road with many turns. The visionaries will not get off, both because they realistically cannot and because they have no desire to do so. Join them as they attempt to recapture old glory, create new horizons, go on adventures of loss and recovery. Darkness cuts closer and closer with every passing day. But they hope that they can bring the light. Join them on this most unique and trying quest.
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    • First Edition
    • Sep-2015
    • Createspace
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1517021472
    • ISBN13: 9781517021474

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