Night Shadow
Dear Reader,

Though English by birth, I've always called the high seas my home. With my brother, Talon, I've sailed far and wide--and oh, the pleasures I've known...

But now a surprising new passion has taken hold of my heart. She is Liandra--a royal Spaniard, 'tis true. To think that just days ago I was her prisoner! But when our ship hit stormy waters, the capitán and his crew were tossed into the sea--and she requested my help in steering this beastly vessel to safety. In return, I requested my freedom.

Thank God, I got it--and oh, so much more. For I fear I have fallen for the lovely Liandra. Her regal pride excites me in the most unspeakable ways--and I long to ravish her elegant lips with my kiss...

--Marcus Ryan Drake

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