Murder in the Swamp
Murky Deaths

A woman's body is dragged from Lake Percifal, the latest in a string of murders that have plagued rural Rufus County. The victims, all women in their mid-thirties, were strangled and tossed into the fetid, swampy end of the tiny lake.

Determined to break the story, newspaper reporter Deedra Masefield rents an abandoned storefront with a view of the lake's cabins to keep a watch on the neighbors. None of the longtime residents in the desolate stretch of California is above suspicion -- but which one might be a killer?

Barely surviving a plunge into the frigid, terrifying depths of the swamp itself, Deedra discovers grisly secrets beneath the surface and makes the stunning connection between the murderer and his victims. She's finally got her killer story -- she's just got to live long enough to tell it.
People / Creatures
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    • First Edition
    • Nov-2002
    • Hilliard & Harris Publishers
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 1591330157
    • ISBN13: 9781591330158

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