Murder at the God's Gate
  • Published:
    Feb-1995 (Hardcover)
    Nov-1995 (Paperback)
  • Formats:
    Print / eBook
  • Series:
  • Main Genre:
    Historical Mystery
  • Time Period:
    Ancient Egypt
  • Pages:
  • Rating:
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When a priest dies in a mysterious fall from atop a statue of Tutankhamun, many consider the death a fateful one for the fourteen-year-old pharaoh and his reign.

Indeed, the Hittites are already at Egypt's borders, and the enemies of the late heretic pharaoh Akhenaten have transferred their implacable hatred to the young pharaoh. Concealed by the luxury of the court at Thebes lie viciousness, evil, and murder. Not even Lord Meren--the confidential inquiry agent who must see to the bay king's safety--can name the master plotters. But until the enemies of the living god are destroyed, neither his body nor his soul is safe from their deadly poison....
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    • Nov-1995
    • Ballantine
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    • ISBN: 034539531X
    • ISBN13: 9780345395313
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