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    Medieval (1000-1400) Contemporary
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MORGAN HAD NO NEED OF A WIFEThe eldest daughter of a Privy Councilman to His Majesty, Lady Hawisia Van Goens is a reserved but levelheaded woman born and bred to serve her intended lord and master, without complaint. Dedicated to duty, she accepts her position as wife to a powerful man, with unimpaired aplomb, and refuses her husband naught. She supervises the household, maintains the undercroft stores, and charms local dignitaries. Although Hawisia is well aware of Morgan's preferences, because he reminds her at every turn, she endeavors to fulfill her position, offering him everything he requires, except the one thing she holds most dear—her heart. Can she settle for friendship when all she ever wanted was love? BUT HE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HAWISIAThe youngest and brashest Nautionnier Knight in service to the Crown, Morgan Le Aguillon embraces English life and all its temptations, much to the Brethren's displeasure, thus he is in no hurry to wed. When he is commanded to take a bride, in a show of loyalty to the King, he is disappointed to learn his future mate is the older sister of the woman he desired. Once they assume their roles as stewards of a conflicted region, he manages his new chatelaine as he would any other servant.  Soon, he realizes he woefully underestimated his lady and discovers her unimpeachable beauty. Given Morgan considers himself a consummate romancer, what happens when he courts Hawisia, in earnest, and all his skills prove futile?
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    • First Edition
    • Jul-2017
    • Barbara Devlin
    • eBook
    • Jul-2017
    • Barbara Devlin
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1945576979
    • ISBN13: 9781945576973

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