Montana Woman

In a Nation Divided, One Woman Would Conquer the Land with Unbridled Spirit,

The cruel tides of the Civil War leave young Joline Masters widowed, with a vast Kansas farm to manage on her own. She learns to accept her loneliness, and she's not afraid of hard work - but then a bloody massacre strips her of everything but the hunger for a better life. She vows to leave her past behind and claim a new home in the majestic land that lies wild and untouched: Montana.

Only a strong woman can survive in Montana's mountains --and only one man believes in Jo's bold dreams. Clint Reeves, a mountain man with a wounded heart, longs to bury terrifying memories of tragic loss and make a fresh start with the woman whose courage mirrors his own. But though they share a pioneering spirit that helped build a nation, they must struggle to forge a bond of passion and desire that can withstand the test of time--and the challenge of taming a savage land.
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