Mamma's Boarding House
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    19th Century 1880's-1890's
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Mamma always had a way of treating everyone as a member of her own family, of giving warmth and comfort and love to people who had known little but loneliness and misfortune. And in the rugged Utah town of Adenville in the early years of this century, there were many who needed her compassion and generosity. So when Papa died and her own children were grown, it was natural for Mamma to open her home to others.

Among her boarders were Sarah Martin, angular and tight-lipped, a schoolteacher who took to smoking cigars to win the man she loved...Alonzo Strang, a retired sea captain whose last heroic voyage was in a rowboat...the fastidious faro dealer, Floyd Thompson, who started going to church again so that he could stay at Mamma's dining table...Mr. Hackett, Papa's successor as editor of the Advocate, a bachelor so solitary he had almost forgotten how to live with others...and Judge Gibson, competing against the memory of a dead man for Mamma's love.

Continuing his family reminiscences from the best-selling Papa Married a Mormon, John D. Fitzgerald presents a spirited picture of a frontier community. Adenville was a town where a gunfighter shot out his last battle strapped to a lamppost...where the townspeople singing Rock of Ages saved a man from being lynched...where a red-headed artist won his sweetheart in a mad chase across the Utah desert...and where honest conniving staved off an Indian raid.

There are moments of suspense as the townspeople rescue a child from his deranged grandfather...moments of hilarity as a pig named Beatrice the Beautiful plays the part of Cupid...moments of terror as a vicious bully menaces the entire town...and many scenes of warm and affectionate family life in Mamma's boarding house.

A poignant, humorous and exciting saga, illuminated by Mamma's radiant generosity and tolerance, Mamma's Boarding House is a worthy successor to the highly-praised Papa Married a Mormon.
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