Lucky Penny
Find a penny ...

All Celina Warley craved in her silent world was a child. But in a small town like Smytheshire, Massachusetts, a baby needed a father--and a woman needed a husband! Mr. Maybe had eluded her all her life, until Celina unearthed a penny and its luck brought her Dr. Reid Prescott.

Reid knew the town wanted a "family-oriented" physician. Trouble was, he didn't think he could handle the emotional entanglements of marriage. He found his solution in Celina's own dilemma and agreed to the convenient union. It would work out perfectly. Unless his luck turned...and he fell in love!

You're Invited!
Join five special couples as they find the magic ingredients for happily-wed-ever-afters: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Lucky Penny in her shoe!

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