Kill Zone
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In 1987, former U.S. Marine Corps sniper Craig Roberts, a seasoned veteran of the Vietnam war, stood for the fist time at the 6th floor sniper's nest window of the Texas School Book Depository. As he looked down into what the U.S. Government maintains was the kill zone used by Lee Harvey Oswald, he immediately knew that the Warren Commission's verdict--that Oswald, acting alone from that position, fired three shots in 5.6 seconds from a cheap mail order bolt-action rifle, with the fatal head shot being the last shot fired--was a lie. Why? Because Roberts, a combat experienced marksman, knew that he could not have duplicated Oswald's supposed feat--even if armed with the modern sniper rifle he had used with devastating accuracy in Vietnam. At that moment, Roberts, by then a 20-year veteran police officer and former SWAT sniper and a recognized authority on sniping, began an investigation that would last six years, take him into the shadow world of the clandestine intelligence community that resides far above the CIA, the KGB, the Mafia--and beyond--to discover the existence of a sinister organization so powerful that to it, the elimination of a country's leader was little more than business as usual. In Kill Zone, Roberts offers new, never before published answers to such questions as: who could have ordered Kennedy's execution; assembled and orchestrated the compartmentalized ambush teams; manipulated the media; controlled all aspects of he investigation; dictated he Warren Commission's final determination; then effectively cover up the evidence, sealed the investigator files, and effectively blocked the truth for over 30 years--and continues to do so to this day...and most of all why! Note: this book is non-fiction.
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