Kill the Wild
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    Dark Fantasy
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A dead body. A strange cult. A terrified people. Sounds like the perfect place for the Heinous Sara Slick. OK, so I escaped from magical prison, saved my home town, made some friends, and managed not to die in the process. Not too bad for the Heinous Sara Slick. But now what? Hobbes, mastermind of all things evil, has gone into hiding, and all my leads have dried up. With the Philosopher's Guild hot on my tail, the smart choice would be to lay low, bide my time, and take things easy. Or, I could investigate a brutal murder deep in the woods of rural Apalachia. Dead bodies keep turning up outside a small secluded community. And these bodies look weird. Like, giving-off-major-Farsider-vibes weird. So, of course Ally and I are going to investigate. Who doesn't love a road trip? The trick is solving these murders before getting my friend killed in the process. I can deal with Farsiders, but sometimes there are worse things than monsters living in the wild.Kill the Wild is a fast-paced urban fantasy book that laughs in the face of danger, finds hope in the midst of horror, and seeks heartfelt connection amid chaos. Filled with magic, monsters, and one badass human, The Heinous Crimes of Sara Slick Book 2 will satisfy your need for action, adventure, and the delightfully absurd. Buy Kill the Wild now!
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    • First Edition
    • Jul-2020
    • LMBPN Publishing
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1642029890
    • ISBN13: 9781642029895

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