In Defense of Passion
As a lobbyist for one of the most powerful defense contractors in America, Maggie Summers thrived on the challenge and excitement of Capitol Hill--and couldn't wait for a little time away from it all every year. But this summer the peaceful anonymity of a bicycle tour was ruined by a man who was her political nemesis in Washington--and impossible to overlook in the flesh. Determined to put pleasure before business, Maggie found herself irresistibly drawn to Congressman Nick Prescott's wicked charm and hard-muscled sensuality. When she was lost in the warmth of his kiss, the cutthroat competition of the Hill seemed very far away. But her work demanded that she keep her private life just that--private. Somewhere on the winding back roads of Virginia she'd lost her objectivity. How was she now going to go about falling out of love with one of her greatest political adversaries?
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