God Country
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There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The gods have returned.I'm Vic Stratton, and I can survive anything the Forgotten throw at me. But I can't say the same for those who look to me for protection.In fact, they're a bit of a mess.Hunted by the gods and dogged by their minions, with a serial killer hidden among our ranks, the New York City exiles stand little chance out on the open road. Good thing we're not alone.Me and my team of unlikely allies must find a place to hide the survivors before they become victims like the rest.But the hidden military base I'm looking for could be more deadly than the road we've left behind. Saving this small group of exiles is our first step toward saving the world. Losing them could mean losing it all.I can kill almost anything, but being a hero means more than being a fighter. Guess I'll find out if I have the strength required to lead them to safety.****Book 6 of the Forgotten Gods saga, God Country, is an action-packed chase through the wilderness of a newly fallen world. Mythological beings and urban fantasy creatures clash with humankind in this quick and funny adventure by ST Branton.If you like action, excitement, and the never ending life or death struggle against immortal beings, then go buy God Country. We promise you won't forget Forgotten Gods.
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    • First Edition
    • Jun-2020
    • LMBPN
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1642020877
    • ISBN13: 9781642020878
    • Dec-2020
    • Dreamscape Media
    • Audio CD
    • ISBN: 1662054246
    • ISBN13: 9781662054242

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