Ghost of a Chance
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    Contemporary Romance
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She works at the mall. He haunts it.

To business owner Stacy Reardon, the roving mall entertainer is a big nuisance, especially when he attracts noisy children near the front of her lingerie store. When she asks him to move his act elsewhere, he's stunned that she can even see him …because Chance Johnson is a ghost.

To the best of his knowledge, Chance is haunting the place where he died. But both he and Stacy are shocked when she touches him and he becomes real -- with a heartbeat, a hunger for food -- as well as for companionship -- and a lot of questions. Who is he? How did he die? Why is he stuck haunting the mall? And exactly how is Stacy making him alive again?

Together, they investigate his life and death, finding several facts that lead them to believe he might have been murdered. But worse than that, a ghostly black-clad man is stalking them and just might be Death, himself. With their time together running out, can they find a way to beat death and stay together forever?

(Previously published as Chance of a Lifetime)

“Laura Hayden will set a new standard for the genre!” -- Romantic Times

“Laura Hayden is bound for stardom.” -- Romex Review

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    • First Edition
    • Nov-2016
    • Parker Hayden Media
    • eBook
    • Nov-2016
    • Parker Hayden Media
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Nov-2016
    • Parker Hayden Media
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1941528341
    • ISBN13: 9781941528341

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